Small Claims

What is Small Claims Court?
Small Claims Court is the division of the Zanesville Municipal Court that hears cases up to $6,000 in value. Claims that do not involve money damages are not heard in Small Claims Court.
Claims that are over $6,000 in value and less than $15,000 are heard in the Civil Court. Individuals and businesses, such as corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, can sue and be sued in Small Claims Court.
Small Claims cases have no juries. Procedures in small claims court are less strict than they are in other types of court, but the basic rules of procedure and evidence apply

When filing a small claims complaint in the Zanesville Municipal Court, please submit the following documents with the appropriate amount of copies as listed: Small Claims Complaint - One copy for the court; a copy for the Plaintiff (person filing the complaint); and one copy for each Defendant (person who the complaint is against).