The Zanesville Municipal Court has territorial jurisdiction of cases arising within the City of Zanesville. The Court provides a range of online services to enable the public to move their case forward without needing to visit the courthouse.

Except for certain hearings and trials which the judge may schedule for an in-person appearance, court users may access the Court online for most other purposes. Online services include:

  • Payments of fines, costs and filing fees
  • Filing any documents
  • Checking the docket for each case to view filings, judicial orders and case status
  • Finding standard forms to print and file
  • Mediation in any pending matter
  • Find help in restating a suspended driver’s license or apply for driving privileges
  • Finding Zoom.com instructions for appearing at or observing a virtual hearing
  • Remote hearings and trials

IMPORTANT NOTE: The E-Filing is maintained by Henschen & Associates at the direction of the Court. This permits the Court to operate virtually without a multi-person IT staff. When filing online, the user will be directed to the Henschen & Associates website and will need to choose the “Zanesville Municipal Court” to begin.